Our contribution amounts 120 euros per semester (Sept-Jan and Feb-June). Students get a discount; if you are a student, you can join Decades for €60 per semester. International students can sing with us for free. Couples pay €180 per semester (€90 per family member).

When international students or people who don't speak Dutch join us for our rehearsals, we speak English.

When do we rehearse?

We practice from September until the end of June on Thursday evenings, from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m.. We do not rehearse during school holidays.

We rehearse in the Waalse Kerk. This church is located at the Gasthuisstraat 1 in Arnhem.


What do we sing? We sing songs for every decade, tailored to the time of year, the level and ability of the singers and the group we are going to perform for. We sing songs like Stó mi è milo, Lemon Tree, Shchedryk and Scarborough Fair. We sing a diverse range of Taizé songs. At the end of September we will start working on the Christmas repertoire, ranging from White Christmas to The First Noël. In short, we sing almost everything.

If you really want to know what we sing, why not join us for a rehearsal? You can contact us here.

Becoming a member

Do you want to become a member? The first two times you can sing with us for free. If you want to stay and become a member, you will need to take a voice test with our conductor.


Would you like to join us without obligation? Then go to our contact page to register for one of our rehearsals.